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Make Students Achieve Laboratory Wisdom With Ease!

V-Lab Solution

E-learning has been playing critical role in the training business for years. Nevertheless, engineering studies haven’t kept up in this digital path due to lack of reliable virtual laboratory training solutions. Realiscape’s V-Lab provides all the necessary tools for interactive learning in this demanding task.

Being a simulator, V-lab is fully dynamic; it can be used by students to explore new possibilities and freely execute experiments with scientific fidelity, giving instructors new tools to promote learning. 

Realiscape's Virtual Hydraulics Lab

Hydraulic systems are used in applications where demand for high power and fast response is required. Such applications include hydraulic industrial machinery, aerospace hydraulics, wind turbines, etc. Training in Hydraulics has always posed problems due to space constrains, oil spillage cleaning requirements and slow connectivity between components, leading to enormous idle times between experiments.

Realiscape’s V-Lab solves all the problems in hydraulics training through a full 3-D interactive simulator. Identical to real life counterparts, components can be freely moved, examined, connected and operated in any combination leading to realistic behaviour and accurate circuit measurements.

Furthermore, the lab can be seamlessly integrated in most of the market’s leading LMS as part of larger hydraulics lessons, monitoring trainee’s activity and reporting his progress and scores back to the system using standard protocols such as LTI and SCORM.

Equipment Familiarization
% of students helped
Theory Understanding
% of students helped
Critical Thinking Improment
% of students helped
Ability in Experiment Design
% of students helped

Ali Altalbe, Virtual Laboratories for Electrical Engineering Students: Student Perspectives and Design Guidelines, 2018

V-Lab Advantage

Multi-thousand lab just a click away

V-lab is the solution with the fastest ROI, since no "real" expensive equipment has to be purchased, allowing the training institution to deploy complex exercises without cost.

Worldwide accessibility

V-lab can cover trainees from all over the world without need for physical appearance, thus expanding any organization's client pool.

Absolute safety

As a computer program, it doesn't need any special health and safety measures like physical laboratories.

No lab space occupancy

Most of the exercises can be executed inside V-Lab leaving precious lab equipment available for more advanced training.

No consumables

Consumables cost and create logistics, storing and safety issues. V-lab frees all the supply chain from consumables care.

Infinite retries

To err is human, being a basic pathway to learning. In V-lab errors cost nothing and the student is able to explore his "what-if" thoughts without any consequence.

V-Lab integrates seamlessly with all major LMS platforms

We build real skills and knowledge through physical, hands-on activity.