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Realiscape solutions for fire fighting

We produce the most real-like VR fire fighting training system today. Based on our unique CFD algorithms, our simulators bear all of their state-of-the-art features like full synthetic environment, 3d object tracking, ambisonics sound and after action review from the basic model to our most advanced.

Prepare for situations never faced before

The use of simulations to enhance skills training is common in fields such as aviation, military, law enforcement, medical services, and firefighting where training in real environments can be dangerous and expensive.

In the latter, the focus is to provide responder training and emergency response enhancement through this state of the art technology. Responders will project the imagined to genuine emergencies with technology developed for the defense industry, leveraged for real-time visual awareness in immersive environments.

For the last six years we develop the best fire training in the world. Based on our unique algorithms and cinematic quality computer graphics every trainee “lives” inside the virtual environment facing challenging scenarios that require safety procedures knowledge, instant recognition of burning material nature, thoughtful selection of extinguishing media, awareness, clean mind and lightning fast decision making while in the same time he carries a real fire extinguisher of fire hose with the exact same weight and content consumption rate.

Added to all of the above, teamwork and colleague support is contained in our “Cell” and “Team” models making fire training as close to real life as never before.

FireMeister Series

The absolute training tool with realistic, true to life fire propagation behavior

The most advanced Large Scale Virtual Environment today