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Realiscape solutions for fire fighting

We produce the most real-like VR fire fighting training system today. Based on our unique CFD algorithms, our simulators bear all of their state-of-the-art features like full synthetic environment, 3d object tracking, ambisonics sound and after action review from the basic model to our most advanced.

Prepare for situations never faced before

Virtual reality simulators for fire fighting are the appropriate tools for presenting situations that can’t be reproduced during traditional “live” training. They help practicing complex and rare scenarios, such as in factories and vessels, and allow trainees to encounter circumstances as close as possible to real fire incidents, while eliminating the risk of injuries and burns.

Based on our unique computational flow dynamics algorithms, and state-of-the-art real time graphics, FireMeister series of simulators can train effectively and efficiently from one person to a group of six, through our three available editions: Single User (FireMeister Solo), Small Group (FireMeister Cell) and Large Group (FireMeister Team).

FireMeister Series

The absolute training tool with realistic, true to life fire propagation behavior

The most advanced Large Scale Virtual Environment today