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Trust, Experience, Knowledge.

Realiscape solutions for Defense, Security and Law Enforcement

We design and deploy Virtual Reality installations that are true to real life incidents and encounters, to train the current and future staff of the most demanding sectors to exceed the highest expectations.

Prepare for tomorrow's battlefields

Over the next 20 years, the face of conflicts will rapidly change. Army, Security and Law Enforcement will fight simultaneous incidents on the ground, in the air, at sea and in the cyber realm, against adversaries that may be human or, increasingly, machine.

In order to provide an adequate and future proof training, Realiscape creates Virtual Reality systems that prepare soldiers, police officers and security personnel to encounter present and future situations. Based on the Holotrac Platform, the most advanced Large Scale Virtual Environment in the world today, Realiscape’s simulators are interactive, immersive and faithful to real life, but most of all flexible and upgradable.

The most advanced Large Scale Virtual Environment today