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Holotrac Law Enforcement
and Security Edition

The best way to train policing and use of force tactics & procedures

5 screens

Synthetic environment

16 channel sound

Selection of firearms

Safe, thorough, immersive

Next level police and security training

Police officers and security guards have one of the toughest jobs with true responsibility for crime prevention and human life. So, creating a robust training for new and existing police and security officer’s manpower guarantees great service.

Furthermore, the use of lethal force with light firearms demands speed of thinking, snap judgement, accurate aiming, and cold-blooded shots that neutralizes the opponent in just a few seconds. 

Till now, use of force training was utilized by using low-tech, small accuracy and low immersiveness solutions based on branching video scenarios with only modest results.

Holotrac LE is a fully immersive beyond state-of-the-art light firearm training system that provides true realistic simulation of a large variety of situations for use by law enforcement and security academies and training centers.

A series of specialized components (like the one that allows the precise positioning of the trainee in the virtual terrain), are combined harmonically in order to bring a training outcome never seen before to every institution.

Exceptional Graphics Quality

[Actual photo. Executed scenario: bank robbery]

Law enforcement training in a new era

5 screen 300° experience

Because real life threats can appear from any direction, the system implements the most advanced 300 degree imaging technology available today.

Full CGI imagery

Modern computer graphics technology provides fully immersive environments that are highly customized: clothing, uniforms, vehicles and buildings but also actors of different genders and races can be presented and contribute to the training objectives.

60 practice scenarios in accordance to European Laws

Our system is developed in close cooperation with European law enforcement government institutions in accordance with the European use of force laws, rules and practices, so none of the trainees will learn incorrectly.

AI-driven and prescript scenario outcomes

We have created an agile system that can execute scenarios either in prescript or in fully automated AI mode based on specific opponent psychological profile, depending on the expected training results.

Automatic two-way interaction

Holotrac LE is the only system in the world that provides automatic instructor-free bi-directional interaction between the trainee and the system. A unique tracking device is placed on the trainee that allows him to be recognized, thus being vulnerable to opponents’ attacks.

Teamwork cooperation and cover up items

Our system allows from 2 to 5 persons to cooperate and cover in our provided active tracked props. Those props are parametric, can be trainer customized simulating a variety of materials and their strength on various firearms hits, varying the level of protection they provide to the trainee.

Vast selection of firearms

Holotrac LE is the most versatile system today allowing the use of airsoft or especially modified real handguns and rifles depending on client's needs.

Standard Accessories

In addition to firearms, we provide as standard accessories actively tracked flashlights and batons that help trainees to achieve their goals with less lethal procedures and under multiple lighting conditions.

After action review

Traditional training examinations can only verify the successful completion of a course, but they can never examine the trainee’s cognitive processes, being able to present only quantitative but not qualitative results. After Action Reviews provide an opportunity to assess what happened and why. They are learning-focused discussions that are designed to help the trainer and the student discover what to do differently in the present or future courses.

The most advanced Large Scale Virtual Environment today