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About us

We create next generation simulator systems that help institutions and trainees to achieve cost efficient, personalized, high quality education.

Every day at work we think how to change the most obvious problem in training. It’s generalized, impersonal and painstakingly slow for today’s fast-paced skills-building needs. Everybody is trapped into this loop: students that pay amounts of money unable to foresee the real outcome, and training providers that earn their living harder today spending fortunes in equipment and staff without knowing if this is enough.

Although simulation training is still considered “new”, its heritage and mentality derives from 100 years old practices and techniques leading even today to “white elephants” of million-wise custom computing and mechanical installations addressed to aerospace and large ship applications, while other sectors are content with crude approaches resembling more toys than industrial-scale solutions.

We are thinking hard trying to bring to the market realistic, clever, agile, reliable and cost effective hardware-software combinations that rely on common off-the-shelf components build by renowned companies accompanied with specialized code written on popular development platforms that millions of users use and support today.

Our Vision & Mission.

We want to transform training with the extensive use of simulators even in sectors impossible today.

And that’s because simulation training is safe, fast, easy, repeatable, independent of weather conditions, but most of all every lesson or drill can be tracked, examined and evaluated at any step, any time and for every trainee individually. And that’s where this educational approach excels.

We are leaning on client’s culture and training methodologies and we offer a major toolset update, by having a fresh look to all the available established technologies being enough fast to adopt them, but quite knowledgeable to discard fashionable but inadequate solutions.


We are working with talented people who love to design simulator-driven 3d applications using market leading graphics engines.

Are you a 3d geometry expert, a physicist with deep knowledge of heat transfer models or a skilled C++ / C# developer? We’d love to work with you and with more other people like mechatronics and audio engineers, instructional designers, education specialists and artists who like a creative, cosy, discrimination-free environment.

OUR partners

We are building strong relationships with state, industry and academia.

We work closely with selected institutions that represent our target sectors like defense ministries, police headquarters, fire brigades, and security associations all over Europe. Furthermore we carry common research activities and projects with respected electronics, software, embedded systems and naval companies and also with universities and research institutes.