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Virtual reality simulators for fire fighting are the appropriate tools for presenting situations that can’t be reproduced during traditional “live” training. They help practicing complex and rare scenarios, such as in factories and vessels, and allow trainees to encounter circumstances as close as possible to real fire incidents, while eliminating the risk of injuries and burns.

Based on our unique computational fluid dynamics algorithms, our FireMeister series of simulators can train effectively and efficiently from one person to a group of six, through our three available editions: Single User (FireMeister Solo), Small Group (FireMeister Cell) and Large Group (FireMeister Team) using either Head Mounted Displays or our top of the line Holotrac-5 Virtual Environment.

It’s the only simulator in the world that utilizes real fire extinguishers with the same weight, build materials and handling that are active inside the virtual environment and are behaving exactly as the real ones, raising training to a new level.

Advanced Fire Modeling

Fire is a complex physical phenomenon whose behavior can be described and predicted utilizing a combination of scientific fields such as fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer and combustion. FireMeister provides experience on fundamental fire dynamics based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations, since:

It is based on field models that is considered the most complete approach to model compartment fires - solves numerically a form of the Navier-Stokes equations using large eddy simulations (LES) to account for sub-grid turbulence.

It uses the mixture fraction model for the prediction of combustion reactions.

It is appropriate for low-speed (Ma < 0.3), thermally-driven flow with an emphasis on smoke and heat transport from fires.

It accounts for the heat conduction into the solid surfaces and convection within the fluid.

It solves the radiative transport equation for an absorbing/emitting and scattering medium.

It provides spatial variation and temporal evolution of the fire, and visual information about the complex fire development.

The FireMeister Advantage

Synthetic scenario-driven environment

All the training environment is fully synthetic that lead to scenarios unable to execute before. Large buildings, factories, malls, ships, airports, oil refineries or drilling platforms can be represented with highest accuracy, even custom built from original blueprints upon demand. All the objects play active role and can be realistically destroyed and emit smoke, gases or steam.

True fire propagation and extinguishing

Realiscape's simulators use custom developed accurate fire propagation models that guarantee faithful representation of real life situations. Fully parametric, the user enters all the necessary information about an object's material properties and the system calculates its behavior in real time.

Real firefighting equipment

One of the most advanced features of the system is that the active equipment utilized, like fire extinguishers, that participate in the scenario, are modified with custom digital electronics and bear the same physical features, controls, indicators and extinguishing capabilities according their type as their real counterparts. This means that the trainee uses as close as real equipment and develops his muscle memory executing instinctively the right actions the time he faces a real incident.

High Fidelity sound

Using the Holotrac platform (FireMeister Team), Realiscape's simulator can reproduce the most realistic fire and destruction sounds using 24 channel Ambisonics spatial technology, thus immersing the trainee in such a degree so he can be disoriented or emotionally stressed for the maximum educational outcome. In the other models, the same information is downmixed to binaural spatial sound.

After action review

No training can be completed without proper evaluation and review by the trainer. Our system reports to a special tablet all the necessary parameters of the trainee's performance like incident reaction time, right selection of the extinguishing media, proper hose or nozzle placement during fire fighting, handle pressure time relating to extinguisher's capacity etc.

Exceptional Graphics Quality

[Actual screenshots. Executed scenario: vessel purifier room fire]

Three Models to Choose From

FireMeister Solo

The professional solution for single user training

Single User

HMD based


Full CFD simulation

One Step Ahead

Easy to Setup
and Deploy

When high quality fire training in a limited space is fundamental, FireMeister Solo is the best solution for the case. Especially designed for vessels and factories ―where free space is sparse― it provides first responders a thorough step by step approach to fire-related safety procedures.

It comes with a variety of scenarios pre-installed for two main sectors ―naval and industrial― it also trains for safety procedures like fire alarms, emergency communications, CO2 release room evacuation etc.

Robust and mobile, it comes in an all-in-one configuration: head mounted display, computer, object tracking system, and fire extinguisher electronics all securely packed in a hard shell briefcase, ready to be safely stored after training, occupying only 3 m2 when deployed. Using best quality materials and electronics from industry leading companies, it ensures trouble-free long-lasting training periods for your personnel.

Based in our state of the art CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) algorithms, if offers the same quality and precision as our other two larger models, simulating from normal to rare situations like crude oil and chemical fires with realistic smoke production and accumulation.


360 Degree Solution

One user, knowledge for the whole team

In every session, all group can observe in an external monitor or TV the training in real time, learning the right moves before action.

Fast, realistic, immersive training

Prepare for the unthinkable

“VR technology is raising the bar in firefighter training while helping save lives and conserve valuable resources. The use of VR technology allows training for incidents that cannot easily be replicated or may be very costly to recreate, not to mention eliminating the hazards involved in live training.”

“Virtual reality training may save firefighter lives”, U.S. Fire Administration, Coffee Brake Bulletin, July 8, 2020

Technical Specifications
Number of users:
Display Method:
Head Mounted Display
Transmission Method:
Type of computer:
High performance laptop
Number of fire extingushers:
CO2, Dry Powder, Wet Chemical
Type of object tracking:
Swept Angle Laser Tracking (SALT)
Hand tracking:
Built-in scenarios:
Naval version: Purifier room, bridge, galley, accommodation fires (available now).
Industrial version: Production, chemical storage, warehouse fires (available Q4 2021).
Custom scenarios upon request.
What’s in the box:
HMD, computer, tripods, 3d tracking system, 3 fire extinguishers, cables and power supplies, instruction manual, hard cell carrying case

The most advanced Large Scale Virtual Environment today