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Holotrac Defence Edition

The absolute solution from gun familiarization to complex CQB scenarios


Synthetic environment

Real ballistics

Selection of firearms

Safe and productive

Quality training at a fraction of time & money

Nowadays, massive research into new military technologies can provide armies with qualitatively superior armed capabilities to address better even non-conventional and asymmetrical threats. For this reason, the military sector has been one of the first to implement virtual reality (VR) for the purpose of training land, maritime and air forces.

Holotrac Defense Edition (DE) allows soldiers to perform training under safe conditions, eliminating any chance of injury. Even with a constant flow of fresh personnel coming to the unit, squads can improve their skills in a fast-paced manner executing from classic shooting range drills to complicated scenario-driven use of force exercises. In this way, Holotrac DE bridges the gap between individual and group training since it can adapt to every condition.

Another advantage of utilizing a Holotrac DE solution to your training center, is that soldiers can obtain more exercise repetitions in a shorter amount of time and with much lower costs than they would if they were training in a real-world setting, allowing units to ignore weather conditions and logistics considerations.

Similar to every Realiscape product, Holotrac’s DE virtual environment may be customized to meet specific army’s needs (uniforms, vehicles, scenery etc.), 

Using the included after action review module and tablet, all training sessions can be readily evaluated.

Exceptional Graphics Quality

[Actual screenshots. Executed scenario: shooting range drills]

Join the next generation in training

Modular architecture

Holotrac DE is available in 90, 180 and 300 degrees field of view configurations covering a vast array of applications, drills and scenarios. Two subversions ―shooting range and CQB― are available sole or combined.

Multiple firing lanes

90° field of view model (shooting range variant) can be expanded using multiple 1-screen modules (up to five) that are interconnected, leading to a 10 firing lanes solution.

Real ballistc calculations

Ballistics are calculated in real time allowing accurate shooting performance in distances up to 400m. Optionally, a special sniper hardware module performs live perspective correction for perfect eye to target matching.

Vast selection of firearms

Holotrac DE is the most versatile system today allowing the use of airsoft or specially modified real handguns and rifles depending on client's needs.

Varying weather conditions

Our ballistics calculations can simulate any trajectory depending on varying weather conditions (wind, rain etc.). Furthermore all these conditions are presented in front of the trainee's eyes utilizing our real time CGI environment.

Active props

A selection of props (doors, walls, blocks, cars) can be used for covered positions training, but our active props can be live in the simulation space making them part of the scenario outcome (CQB variant). We are also able to convert any prop our customers uses by installing special hardware into it.

The most advanced Large Scale Virtual Environment today